Proposing Research Services

Proposing Research Services

Dear retailers and makers,
Why don’t you try AJIS’s research services to solve your sales area issues?

AJIS, which boasts an overwhelming track record in stock taking and merchandising services in Japan, will use its expertise to offer a one-stop sales area solution to retailers and makers in Thailand.

●Annual number of client companies: over 2,500

●Total number of stores serviced annually: approx. 210,000
※Results in Japan


What is AJIS’s problem-solving research service?

AJIS visits stores as a shopper to survey customer service and sales area conditions. AJIS research reports provide real-time visibility into sales area issues. In addition, AJIS’ merchandising experience enables us to make concrete proposals to solve our clients’ problems. When combined with AJIS’s merchandising services, the issues discovered can be quickly resolved. These will help reduce the burden on the client and decrease lost opportunities.

We support your business success through our best way.
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